Wild Blueberry is a local family business offering private Lappish experiences for groups

There are many activities for tourists in Rovaniemi, but no place to calm down, look up to the sky and maybe see some Northern lights. No place for those beautiful conveniences of the Arctic lifestyle. We want to let you on a private experience where customers' satisfaction is a necessity.

Imagination is the greatest thing in the world. So imagine yourself in this place, where you can sit back, lift
your gaze skywards with the silence that enfolds you. When day becomes night, a lonely warm hut preaches
the darkness and starts to shine.

Wild Blueberry brings you an experience of a lifetime.



Because we work in the middle of the nature, we need to take a good care of the mother nature and also guide our customers to appreciate it. We want this to be consistent, so therefore we double-check every product we are using for their biodegradability and environmental friendliness.



Wild Blueberry is located in Norvajärvi, Rovaniemi. It's about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Rovaniemi city centre.


who are we?


Alex korhonen

+358 40 5488443

Alex, 21 year old BBA student. Responsible for marketing and advertising.


Joakim luiro

+358 40 0425950

Joakim, 20 year old freshly graduated fellow. Ready to help!

Customer service

Kimmo luiro

+358 40 0893710

Kimmo, 45 year old hard working gentleman with 24 years of experience in customer service.

General Manager