Wild Blueberry is a local family business offering private Lappish experiences for groups

A group. Family, and three Finnish folks who are keen to create experiences.
An idea was there for years and our ringleader Kimmo decided to go for it. 
In the late 2017 Rovaniemi was full of travellers, people who wanted to see real Lappish life and experience something unknown.
Kimmo had already a unique cabin nearby the city centre in Norvajärvi and he took his son Joakim and godson Alex to take care and be creative.

Together they quickly put an idea of Lappish spa. Or so called outside spa under the stars and possible northern lights. Which includes Traditional Finnish sauna, hot tub (two of them already), ice swimming place and an atmospheric warm hut where to enjoy local food and friends company. That local food is either just grilled sausages on a fireplace or fire blazed salmon on the hut with side dish and Pan roast coffee.
Sauna is traditional, hot tubs are heated up to 37°c and ice swimming makes you feel more alive than ever.
This occasion is supposed to be all private for a single group, and that is why we likely want only one group per day to really take care of them and to serve them fully. 
We added some wanted activities which we have knowledge and capability to arrange. Ice fishing and snowshoeing in the lakeside are almost ancient Lappish habits and easy for almost everyone to do. We have also have a sledge and snowmobile so If you have any crazy ideas let us know. Join the adventure it's time to explore!

That's why it's not just a safari.



Because we work in the middle of the nature, we need to take a good care of the mother nature and also guide our customers to appreciate it. We want this to be consistent, so therefore we double-check every product we are using for their biodegradability and environmental friendliness.



Wild Blueberry is located in Norvajärvi, Rovaniemi. It's about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Rovaniemi city centre.


who are we?


Alex korhonen

+358 40 5488443

Alex, 22 year old BBA student. Responsible for marketing and advertising.


Kimmo luiro

+358 40 0893710

Kimmo, 45 year old hard working gentleman with 24 years of experience in customer service.

General Manager

Joakim Luiro

+358 40 0425950

Joakim, 20 year old freshly graduated fellow. Ready to help!

Customer service

Alex, Kimmo and Joakim. What a group!

Alex, Kimmo and Joakim. What a group!