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Aurora spa

Aurora spa is a private wellness event where you can enjoy all of our conveniences (Sauna, Hot Tub, ice swimming & warm hut). Relax under the stars in a unique outdoor spa. This event includes fire blazed salmon dinner and soft drinks.

Laplander's warm hut

Laplander's warm hut

Reindeer hides, local food and Lappish warm atmosphere.



A traditional Finnish wooden sauna. It's a perfect fit for four persons at a time. Sauna reduces stress and relaxes your muscles among all the other benefits.

Ice fishing

ice Fishing

An ancient artifice to catch a fish. Basically, just to drill a hole into the ice, start fishing and enjoy. How simple is that!

Ice swimming

Ice swimming

A small ice hole to dip in and to boost your circulation. Recommended during your sauna sessions.

Hot tub

hot tub

There's room even for six persons! Probably the most comfortable place to watch the Northern lights and stars, but when you jump in you might not want to leave.

Local food

local food

Tasteful fish with accompaniments. All the food is organic and made nature first.
If you have special dietary restrictions, please let us know before your visit.



A sled ride trip across the lake for a snowshoeing adventure.
The snowshoeing path goes towards an old bear's nest.

Aurora Borealis

northern lights

Everybody wants to catch a glimpse of this natural phenomenon. Norvajärvi offers you a higher possibility to see the Aurora Borealis than in the Rovaniemi city.